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  • JFF – Horizons Conference

    June 15 - June 16

    JFF's Horizons is more than a national summit. It’s a platform for change. It’s a gathering of the boldest thinkers in education, industry, government, and phi…

  • Why Care About Care? Our Economy Depends on it

    June 15

    ​​Misunderstood, Underfunded and Undervalued​​When you combine the 53 million unpaid caregivers with the nearly 5.7 million people working in the care sector —…

  • Power is at the Root: How Funders and Workforce Leaders Can Center Workers in the “Future of Work”

    May 27

    The dominant narrative around the “Future of Work” suggests that a robot apocalypse is coming to take all the jobs. But automation isn’t the whole story, and p…

  • Strada Education: Investing in Community College Students: Unmet Demand, Untapped Potential

    May 26

    Although community colleges have experienced sharp enrollment declines, millions of Americans still say they intend to enroll within the next two years. Demand…

  • Workforce Matters and Working Nation: Advancing Equity in the Workforce Ecosystem

    May 26

    Join Workforce Matters (@WFMFunders) and Working Nation (@WorkingNation) for a Twitter Chat on May 26 about our Racial Equity Framework for Workforce Developme…

  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation: T3 Innovation Network – Network of Networks Launch

    May 25

    Join the T3 Innovation Network as we launch the Network of Networks and celebrate the collective work of the T3 Network over the last three years. As a network…


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