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  • JFF – Horizons Conference

    June 15 - June 16

    JFF's Horizons is more than a national summit. It’s a platform for change. It’s a gathering of the boldest thinkers in education, industry, government, and phi…

  • Why Care About Care? Our Economy Depends on it

    June 15

    ​​Misunderstood, Underfunded and Undervalued​​When you combine the 53 million unpaid caregivers with the nearly 5.7 million people working in the care sector —…

  • A Job Quality Agenda to Build Back Better – An Action Platform for 2021 and Beyond

    January 22

    Our economy doesn’t just need more jobs, it needs better jobs. The problem of eroding job quality long precedes, and now greatly exacerbates, our current extra…


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