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The Retail Management Certificate is an accredited college credential and an industry certification developed out of a partnership between our nation’s Community Colleges and a non-profit association called the WAFC (Western Association of Food Chains). Graduates of the Retail Management Certificate receive two credentials: the first is awarded by approved community colleges, and the second is from the WAFC, founding entity of the Retail Management Certificate (RMC). The Retail Management Certificate program is applicable to the entire retail sector, and has been validated by multiple retailers. The 8-course community college program establishes an education pathway that leads to successful careers in the retail sector. The curriculum includes the core competencies (knowledge, skills, and abilities) linked to career success. Introduced in partnership with California Community Colleges in the year 2000, the RMC program is available 100 % online nationally as well as on campus at more than 150 approved community colleges across the United States. The RMC curriculum provides core managerial competencies that meet the evolving needs of the retail sector and focuses on the following areas: human relations/organizational behavior, technology, business communications, management principles, marketing, human resources management, financial management and budgeting, and retail management.

The WAFC is the entity that approves and recognizes community colleges across the nation that have followed specific curriculum guidelines. The approved colleges award a college certificate with college credits, and WAFC awards the industry-recognized credential. The WAFC’s board of directors is comprised of highly engaged leaders who recognize the Retail Management Certificate as a “key differentiator” among candidates for hire or promotion.


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