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The National Fund for Workforce Solutions invests in a dynamic national network of 30+ communities taking a demand-driven, evidence-based approach to workforce development. At the local level, our partner organizations contribute resources, test ideas, collect data and improve public policies and business practices that help all workers succeed and employers have the talent they need to compete.

With support from Walmart, The National Fund is partnering with three communities in Central Iowa, Baltimore and Seattle to expand opportunities in retail and adjacent sectors. each community will conduct local labor market analyses of the retail sector, bring retail employers together to form an industry partnership and develop strategies to help frontline workers advance into higher positions.

This three-year project is a novel local and national collaboration designed to test strategies in specific communities and to spread the most effective methods for improving retail occupations. As its first project explicitly focused on the retail sector, the National Fund will document successful practices and innovative approaches from the three pilot cities and will share this across its network.


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