Instituto Del Progreso Latino (IDPL)

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Our mission is to contribute to the fullest development of Latino immigrants and their families through education, training, and employment that fosters full participation in the changing US society while preserving cultural identity and dignity.

EVERY PERSON– Our education pathways are built so that all people, regardless of skill level, can access them. We reach immigrants who are eager to learn English, single mothers who wish to launch fulfilling careers, and young people who have been pushed- or dropped-out of high school. We provide comprehensive pathways for individuals with incredible potential, but who are often underserved by traditional education systems.

EVERY FAMILY– We stand true to our motto: Register the student, enroll the family. We know that engaging the entire family is central to lasting success. To this end, we offer integrated services for our families such as on-site child care while parents are in class, financial counseling so families can achieve stability, and transitional support for both college bound students and their parents. We enable entire families to address their needs while supporting and celebrating one another.

EVERY COMMUNITY– Our work is paving the way for successful strategies around the country. We are partnering with organizations like our own to offer our expertise and help them develop pathways for their communities. We join state and national policy makers to create broader system changes that impact our families. We are a nationally recognized organization and we regularly open our doors so others can learn from our programs and approach.


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