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Digital Promise is an independent, bipartisan, nonprofit, authorized by Congress in 2008. Digital Promise works at the intersection of education leaders, researchers, and entrepreneurs and developers to improve learning with the power of technology. We believe that when all learners have equitable access to learning technology, when everyone participates, and when everyone learns, we all benefit from a more engaged, informed and just society.

The Digital Credentialing and Certifications team works to expand access to educational and workforce development opportunities and to close the Digital Learning Gap for adult learners, including frontline workers, across the United States. As part of this work, we are expanding our ecosystem of competency-based micro-credentials, which provide flexible, asynchronous, and industry-aligned learning opportunities for adult learners to gain digital skills and advance their careers.

Check out our current Walmart-funded research project on the potential impact of data interoperability in the adult learning ecosystem: Building Networks for Frontline Worker Advancement.


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